NEBBI. A section of youths in Cwala village, Nebbi Sub County in Nebbi district have abandoned their gardens for quick money from travellers who get stuck on the muddy parts of Nebbi – Kei - Goli road.

The youths, who have nick named themselves as “sweat for money group” said they have selected about 30 energetic colleagues to do the temporary work while their wives take care of domestic affairs.

One of the youths identified as Mr Brian Alochi said the rains and the poor rood have been a blessing in disguise since they have been jobless.

“We were idle for the last three months when there was total sunshine but now we are gaining even though the rain is affecting other businesses. At least with pushing of vehicles, we are assured of daily income for a short run,” Alochi said.

They said in a day, the smallest amount of money they get from travellers who need their services of pushing their vehicles out of the slippery and muddy road is shs100, 000 whenever it rains.

The Nebbi –Kei - Goli route is the only alternative and short cut road that links DR-Congo and Zombo district from Nebbi.

Mr Yasin Mohammad, a track driver with goods from Kenyan coastal town of Mombasa and destined to Eastern DRC said he had spent two days at the bad spot expressing fear that the delay may increase the cost of doing business.

“I was assisted by these young men who are helping people by digging and pushing out the vehicles on the road,” Mohammed said.

Mr Japyer Onega, a business man in Congo said his merchandise spent almost one week on Nebbi – Kei – Goli road because there were no alternative routes to use since Nebbi – Goli - Jukia road is being worked on, forcing people to use the narrow Kei road.

“What my customers were in need of got stuck with the lorry and there was no any other option than using these youths,” Japyer said.

However, the Nebbi district engineer, Mr James Kubi said the road is being diverted to Kei because Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA) is working on Nebbi - Goli - Jukia road.

He said UNRA promised to work on Kei road and place back the damaged culverts on the Nebbi -Jukia road which has not been done yet.