NEBBI. Despite being rated the best performing district in the implementation of the development assistance to refugee-hosting areas (DAR) projects in West Nile region, Nebbi district has no funds to maintain community access roads opened under the program, officials have said.

According to Mr James Kubi, the Nebbi district engineer, the road fund given by the ministry of works is not sufficient enough to also cater for the maintenance of the community access roads opened under DAR3 program.

“What we need to do is to go to the district council to request Uganda national roads authority (UNRA) to take over the roads opened under DAR3 so that they can also be considered for funding,” Kubi advised.

He said due to lack of funds, all the roads under DAR3 have become bushy, adding that if no intervention is made, the roads will disappear in the near future.

Kubi noted that Nebbi district currently has over 170km roads they are maintaining with funds from the ministry of works and transport.

He, however, said the money sent is strictly not to be diverted to any other road which has not been approved by the district council.

“I urge sub-county officials to look for alternative funds to maintain the DAR3 roads since they are really helpful to members of the community regarding transport and access to services,” Kubi said.

Speaking during a press conference in the office of the chief administrative officer on Wednesday, Mr Geoffrey Anecho Okello, the acting Nebbi district chairperson observed that Atego sub-county is the only sub-county trying its best to maintain DAR3 roads.

He urged other sub-counties to emulate Atego by finding alternative sources of fund to equally maintain the roads.

“These roads are not being maintained due to the poor attitude of our people towards projects given to help them. People normally fail to own these roads thinking that those who opened them should also be responsible for their maintenance," he said.

Okello said now that the project has ended, whatever has been left behind by partners should properly be maintained so that the community continues to benefit from the projects.

At least 13 sub-counties in Nebbi and Pakwach districts where given access roads ranging from 1- 4 kilometres under DAR 3 project but some of the roads are virtually disappearing due to failure to maintain them.