NEBBI. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate Mr Emmanuel Urombi yesterday won the Nebbi district local council (LC5) seat.

Urombi polled 22, 280 votes beating his closest rival, Mr George Uthuba, a two-time loser for the LC V election who got 18,323 votes and Mr. Emanuel Onyai Vicky of the Forum for Democratic Change candidate got 4,022 votes.

The total valid votes cast in the Thursday polls was 44, 625, invalid 1,911 and spoilt ballot papers where 94.

Hajat Aisha Lubega, the deputy chairperson of the electoral commission commended the people of Nebbi for exhibiting a sense of maturity which she said should be emulated by everyone in the country.

“The way you have done it should be an example to the rest; choosing a leader is not the end of Nebbi, Nebbi first, then leaders,” she said.

She advised the chairman-elect not to let the people of Nebbi down but should be ready to work for them and give them the best.

However, Mr Tanga Odoi, the NRM electoral commissioner commended the people of Nebbi for not being dragged into what he called the ‘politics of drunkards’ as it was in Arua.

“By their nature, the people of Nebbi are peaceful and like consensus and that is why as NRM we didn't have primaries because they agreed and filled in a candidate which is good because primaries create division within a party,” he said.

He said the people of Nebbi have set a precedence which should be adopted across the country by holding a peaceful election.

He claimed that some FDC members voted for the NRM candidate simply because they were fed up with a candidate who has lost several times.

“ I advise the chairman-elect to be the chairman for all political shades and take over from the former chairman, be exemplary and work towards bringing people together and should do better because the time is short", Odoi further stressed.

He said the low voter turn up was characteristic of the by-election and there is a need for a mindset change for people to start taking every election seriously.

Mr. Emmanuel Urombi attributed his win to prayers that were conducted every time before his campaigns and his ability to work with everyone including the opposition.

“NRM has been failing because of division in the party but I managed to bring all people together and I am willing to work with my rivals as long as they are willing to work with me" he added.

However, locals attributed the low voter turn up to the heavy deployment of security personnel which they claimed scared most people from voting.

Ms Immaculate Owiji, a voter in Afere primary school noted the heavy deployment was not normal scaring most people off especially the youth who decided to remain home.

Mr Jotham Teremwa, the spokesperson electoral commission said although the turn up was low, the voting process was peaceful.

“The low voter turn was due to lack of voter education and the short period the campaigns took, so people didn't know the candidates”, he said.

There are 121,856 registered voters, 223 polling stations, 636 villages and 16 sub-counties including the municipality in Nebbi district.