NEBBI. National water and sewerage corporation (NWSC) Nebbi cluster has injected shs42 million for the extension of clean water source for the community of Angir cell, Abindu division in Nebbi municipality.

Angir cell has been the only area with minimum access to clean water in the municipality and this has been largely attributed to the terrain. The cell which has about 1000 residents has been served by one borehole as extension of piped water in the cell had been a challenge.

Speaking during the commissioning of a public water stand post at Angir village recently, the senior area Engineer NWSC Nebbi cluster Mr Patrick Aliga revealed that the 3400km extension of clean piped water came at a time when the people of Angir had lived for decades in search of clean and safe water for their domestic consumption.

"As NWSC, it's always part of our commitment to make sure that communities have access to clean and safe water for domestic consumption", Aliga said.

Mr Albert Tekakwo, the local council 1 chairperson for Angir cell said it was always their dream to have clean and safe water for the residents in the area.

“Water scarcity more especially during the dry season forces our mothers and young girls to walk miles to look for clean water and this has come at the right time and I encouraged those who can extend water to their homes to do so to avoid overcrowding at the public stand taps”, he added.

Ms Night Atimango, 32, a resident of Angir cell said the challenge of clean water in Angir cell is enormous as during the rainy season, they depend on small streams which dry up during dry season.

“We are grateful that our leaders have finally remembered us”, she said.