NEBBI. Nebbi district leaders are calling on government to start regulating Church activities across the country.

The call follows numerous reports of suspected corruption tendencies especially in Churches with questionable background.

Speaking during a stakeholders’ meeting at the district planning unit on Wednesday, Mr Geoffrey Anecho Okello, the Nebbi district vice chairperson said most of the mushrooming Churches receive money from the congregation yet they don’t give them the accountability of what has been collected.

“All these new Churches are for business. The owners use them for collecting money from their followers and at the end, no accountability is given. That is why we want government to come in and start regulating them,” said Okello.

“We want all these Churches to be audited so that believers can get accountability of what they have been giving to avoid cases of corruption in the Church,” Okello added.

He asked government to devise a method of regulating the activities of Churches and streamline them so as to remain with the traditional Churches which include, the Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Islam and the Seventh day.

However, Pastor Joel Wanadi of full gospel Church Angir said Okello may be one of the many people who don’t have enough knowledge on the Bible, arguing that the idea of giving to God started long time ago.

He also noted that it is through many Churches that the word of God can reach every part of the World.

As a result, Wanadi said it is wrong for Okello to come out to start urging government to regulate Churches and their operations.

He observed that in case some Churches are said to be corrupt, the day of God’s judgement will come for them to carry their own cross not through earthly political means.

Similarly, Ms Evelyn Akumu, a member of Lifeline Church Nebbi said there is no need to regulate Churches since there is freedom of worship across the globe.

She stressed that everybody has the right to choose where to pray, adding that it will be wrong to only stick to the traditional Churches.

“These Churches are attracting more youths who are getting involved in spiritual activities other than criminality,” she added.

But Ms Modesta Ajilong Bassie, the Nebbi resident district commissioner said it is a wise idea to have all Churches registered by government with the aim of regulating their activities especially to avoid cases of noise and inconveniences to the neighbouring communities.