NEBBI. The office of the Prime Minister (OPM) is set to hand over the Alur King’s house that was built by the government at Kaal Atyak in Atyak sub-county, Zombo district.

The house which was constructed on request of the Kingdom after the roof of the old residence was blown off by wind in 2012, will be handed over on Thursday as the Kingdom prepares to celebrate the 9th coronation Anniversary of King Phillip Olarker Raun III on 26th October 2019.

Kaal Atyak 16 10 19The old Kaal Atyak, located in Atyak sub county, Zombo district.

According to Mr Vincent Ochaya, the Prime Minister of Alur Kingdom, they had requested a sum of Shs 500 million from OPM for the construction of the King’s house but the government managed to secure Shs 300 million.

“We are grateful that the OPM will be handing over the house of the King, and this is not a palace but where the King will be staying temporarily as we wait for the Presidential pledge of a palace,” Ochaya said.

He clarified that in the future, the house will be turned in to the Kingdom's offices.

However, Ms Grace Freedom Kwiyocwiny, the state minister for Northern Uganda said the government has been constructing houses for traditional leaders all over the country, adding that it was the first time for the Alur Kingdom to also benefit.

“I am happy that we managed to complete the house within the three months schedule and it will be ready to be occupied by the King after the handover,” she said.

“This shows that there is a great collaboration between the government of Uganda and the people. The government is committed to supporting cultural institutions in Uganda,” Ms Kwiyocwiny added.

But the handover letter from OPM didn’t indicate the construction firm that built the house.

Mr Jerry Kasamba, one of the Alur subjects appreciated the initiative, saying they have not been happy seeing their King staying and conducting business in rented houses in Nebbi and Paidha towns.

“It makes us proud to know that finally, our King is going to settle down in his own home and this is what we have been asking for since his coronation in 2010,” he said.