NEBBI: A section of pupils in Nebbi district have petition the leaders over their inaction over deteriorating standards in performance and violence against them (children).

The children want the local leaders to work hand in hand with their parents to end what they called uncontrolled and rampant discos in communities where the school age going children are not limited to attend.

The pupils also attribute their poor performance in academics especially in national examinations to child labour, sexual violence and parental neglect which often times also makes them to drop out of school.

While delivering the petition, Annet Amia, a pupil of Jukia primary school said they were tired of lamenting and that it was high time that the leaders played their role.

“We are not happy that there is unequal treatment in schools, boys are given heavier punishments compared to the girls while the girls are also given special attention compared to the boys and this has led to the exclusion of the boys which is making them to drop out of schools” Amia said.

The school children want their petition debated in the district and action taken to contral the continuous abuse of the children’s rights in the district.

Mr Alfred Masendi, a program officer at Caritas, a Catholic Church charity organization operating in Nebbi Catholic diocese said while violence against children in schools had reduced, it had entrenched itself in homes perpetuated by the parents”

“Leaders need to work together to make regulate some of these rampant discos, also parents need to see that some of their school age going children don’t abscond schools in favour of markets” Masendi said.

The Resident District Commissioner Nebbi Ms BesieAjilong Modesta promised to tackle all the issues presented by the pupils arguing that they were visible and affecting performance in in the district.

The children want the offenders of sexual violence against them arrested and prosecuted for offences committed against them.