NEBBI. The Alur kingdom Queen mother Rosette Kerunega has pledged to support the fight against teenage pregnancy the kingdom.

She said the fight needs a concerted effort from all concerned citizens if the future of the young girls is to be bright.

Speaking during the closure of a two day meeting with all the chiefs on Friday in Nebbi town, the queen mother attributed the increase in teen pregnancies to failure by parents to support the girl child.

She said the situation is made worse when parents refuse to support the girls after getting pregnant while the boys/men who impregnate them often run away.

“I am now home and I have made observation of what is going on in the kingdom and my heart bleeds because at this rate, the future generation is doomed unless a deliberate move is taken to fight this vice and it is what I want to do”, she said.

She noted that Alur kingdom ranks among the highest areas in number of teenage pregnancies in Uganda which she said is unprecedented.

She said the traditional cultural values which used to protect and guard against teenage pregnancies should be revived.

The queen mother plans to lobby for funding to buy land and build a community centre where youths will be skilled and instilled with cultural values.

“These days there are so many diseases like HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases that the youths are suffering from, there is need to work together and discourage some of the anti social behaviours by putting a ban on discos and drug abuse”, she added.

Dr Ronald Ocaatre Miria, the principle strategic health communication officer in the ministry of health said teenage pregnancy is killing the future generation because most of the girls get complications during child birth and because their body is not fully matured, they end up dying.

“The kingdom should commit herself to work together with the political and religious leaders to fight this vice”, he added.

Dr George Rubanga, the minister of health in Alur kingdom said currently 30 per cent of hospital deliveries are teenagers and Parombo is the leading sub county in the kingdom with 60 per cent.