NEBBI. Fifteen family members in Namrwotho cell, Thatha division in Nebbi municipality have been left homeless after their six huts were set ablaze by unknown arsonists.

The incident allegedly follows a long-standing land dispute between two families which is still in the court.

Mr Macson Okurboth, one of the victims said the land in question was purchased by their father but after his death, the landowners started to demand more money which they started paying but were surprised when he changed his mind.

Okurboth said the owner also refused to refund their money so that they can look for alternatives.

“Before I left my home this morning, one woman identified only as Akelle told me that she was going to burn my huts and I thought it was a joke but I was surprised when I came back and found my huts burnt with all my properties inside", he said.

The local council one chairman of the cell Mr Santos Uringi said the huts were burnt at around 9:00 am in the morning on Tuesday when most people were in their gardens.

“It is difficult to tell who set the hurts on fire but what I know is that these people have been having a land dispute which I know is still unresolved in court", he said.

The officer in charge of Nebbi police station Mr Santos Thomwua said “when we reached the scene, the six huts had been burnt and nothing rescued from the huts since the owners were not there, they lost all their properties in the fire", he said.

He, however, cautioned the public against taking the law into their hands saying the local leaders and courts are established to help settle disputes among people.