NEBBI. A 30-year-old woman who was hit by a stray bullet on May 30, 2019, during a riot by motorists in Nebbi town is seeking for help to have the bullet removed from her body.

Ms Farida Saidi Jakony, a mother of four and a resident of Afere cell in Nebbi municipality said the bullet got stuck in her pelvic bone which is now producing pus and making her feel a lot of pain.

The pain has also made movement very difficult for Jakony to carry out her daily duties of fending for her family.

She was examined by doctors at Nebbi General Hospital who later referred her to Lacor hospital in Gulu. But since then, she has failed to raise money for the recommended operation.

“I have been struggling on my own to get help after I was discharged from the hospital two months ago. There has been no much improvement and I have been to the police and other leaders trying to seek for help but all in vain,” she painfully narrated.

Jakony said on the fateful day as she was returning from the market, a bullet struck her in front of GAF apartments, just about 100 meters away from the riot scene of Boda Boda riders who were protesting against the continued murder of their colleagues.

“I later fell down bleeding. Police came and rushed me to the hospital where I was treated without removing the bullet. The doctors at Angal referred me to Nebbi General Hospital where I was again referred to Lacor hospital for an operation to remove the bullet. But since I failed to get money for transport and the operation, the journey to Lacor has become a problem for me,” said Jakony.

When contacted, Dr Justine Okairwoth, the Nebbi general hospital medical superintendent acknowledged that Jakony was admitted at the facility and said all the necessary attempts made by doctors to remove the bullet failed.

He said the bullet got stuck in a position where removing it might cause more harm, a reason they referred the patient for a specialized operation in Gulu.

“Medically, removing the bullet where it is stuck in the pelvic will mean breaking her bones and that is why I discharged her with a referral letter to seek for further treatment in Lacor hospital,” Okairwoth said.

However, Mr Christopher Barugahare, the regional police commander for the West Nile region said police has clinics and hospitals where such cases are usually referred and taken care of.

“I advise that woman to report her case to the DPC of Nebbi who will then write a report to the IGP through me about her case. We have a police surgeon who will then advise on what to do next,” Barugahare said.

Mr Christopher Omara, the Nebbi resident district commissioner admitted that Jakony has been seeking for help on grounds that she needs urgent attention given her deteriorating health condition.

“I am going to write to the office of the President seeking for support since her condition was as a result of the mistake of the security people. This may, unfortunately, take longer yet life needs to be saved first. As leaders, we may need to engage the Lacor administration to start working on her as we wait for the help,” Omara stated.

Meanwhile the Nebbi district vice-chairman, Mr Geoffrey Okello Anecho said the leadership of Nebbi did not do enough to help Jakony when she was shot as she has been living on handouts from well-wishers. He promised to do his best to save her life.