OBONGI. Flood victims in Obongi town council, Obongi district are calling upon the government of Uganda to rescue them from the flooding situation that has consumed their homesteads.

The flood that is now extending into the centre of Obongi town council gradually started extending from Obongi Ferry Anchor point at River Nile in April and has since displaced about sixty families as the devastation continues.

The flooding that has occupied Namusambya cell in the town council has brought businesses and fishing activities at the landing site to a standstill.

“This water chased me from my real home and now it is about to chase me again in the current place where I have accommodated myself. I don’t know where to go next as I am now confused. If government would help to relocate us or help us with tarpaulins, we would then ask good Samaritans to help us with other emergencie as we wait for the flood to subside ”, Ms Zaitun Ajiko.

40-year-old Ms Amina ‘Bako from the same village adds, “My houses have fallen after being consumed by the water. It is my neighbour who accommodated me here as the house is about to be consumed by the flood again. Government should help us by relocating us to another place”

According to Mary Senya who has been operating a restaurant business in one of the rentals that is about to be submerged by the water said she has lost customers because of the flood.

Senya who used to get over Shs 100,000 daily, now rarely gets Shs 20,000 from her business.

Submerged housesSome of the submerged houses at Obongi town council. PHOTOS BY JOSEPH ODAMA

Obongi district Police Commander (DPC), Mr Abel Ruganza said police have been advising people settling near river Nile to relocate.

The DPC disclosed that he has submitted a request for the Marine department of Police to be deployed along the Nile belt in order to patrol the area for safety of the people from the ever-worsening flood situation in Obongi town council.

“I have been requesting for the waters to be patrolled and I think the top management is taking it up”, Ruganza said.

Obongi district resident district commissioner, Mr Goffin Gore said Obongi district technical committee on disaster has submitted the matter to the office of the prime minister for consideration as the flood keeps displacing more people.

“The district has approved a supplementary budget to support the affected families. We are expecting support for these families. The impact is still continuing and there are those who do not know where to go and those are the ones we look forward to help. We have received promises of support, but it has not come to fruition yet”, the RDC noted.

Mr Goffin GoreRDC of Obongi district, Mr Goffin Gore

Currently those who have nowhere to go have been relocated by Obongi district local government.

However, as the flooding has barred operations of Obongi Ferry that operates between Obongi district and Adjumani, people have resorted to using boats to connect the two sides of the River Nile as the landing site is being swallowed by water.