OBONGI: Obongi district woman Member of Parliament candidate Ms Joyce Edea has called for empowerment and sensitization of parents if the performance in the district is to improve.

Ms Edea, a former head teacher said incomplete syllabus coverage by the teachers and poor parenting are the critical factors that are affecting the performance of schools in Obongi district.

“In most cases you will realize syllabuses are not completed in time. Every term there are topics that are not covered by the teachers. This sometimes starts from P.1, so what will happen when a child reaches P.7 when he/she is to sit for primary leaving examinations (PLE)?” Edea who is vying for the seat under the Forum for Democratic change (FDC) party ticket asked.

She said the foundation of academics must be strong in order for the learners to excel in their final exams but lamented that children are often promoted when they are raw for the next class.

She castigated parents in the district for their unwillingness to support the education of their children with many sending their children to school without scholastic materials.

But Mr. Sam Awomi Longa, a parent in the district said many children have developed negative interest in education despite the fact that their parents are willing to support them.

He has asked the district authorities to formulate bye-laws that can curb the negative trend as well as inspirational speakers to awaken the children’s desires.

“I think the focus for now should be directed towards bringing guest speakers especially those that have succeeded in education through poverty”, he said.

Awomi continued “There are many other parents who have foregone many things in life to ensure their children studied, and there are students that have struggled on their own to achieve their academic goals, these are kind of guest speakers that need to be brought in Obongi to motivate the current generation of young children to take education serious”.

He urged the school management systems to be strengthened by electing people who would understand the operations of the schools rather than criticizing head teachers on allegations of corruption.

However, Mr Maiku Didi Paul, an independent candidate for district chairperson in the district said the teachers joining teacher training colleges as last resort has contributed to under performance of schools in the district as they cannot deliver the expected services.

Maiku noted that despite many teachers going to school to upgrade, the performance of the learners has remained wanting.