OBONGI. Obongi County Member of Parliament Mr Hassan Kaps Fungaro has accused security forces and the head of civil service in Obongi district of involvement in partisan politics.

He said the forces and the head of civil service were acting as if they were an extension of the ruling NRM party.

He singled out Mr Abel Ruganza, Obongi district police commandant (DPC), Mr Richard Asindua, the district internal security officer (DISO) and Mr Charles Ouma, the Obongi district chief administrative officer (CAO) for expressing their political interests in supporting the NRM candidates in the parliamentary campaigns for Obongi County.

Fungaro’s claims follow incidents on Wednesday where he and his supporters were tear gassed and dispersed by police in Palorinya sub county on claims that they had failed to adhere to the electoral commission’s campaign guidelines.

“The biases of the armed forces particularly the police in Obongi, there’s a DPC here called Ruganza Abel, he has become like a cadre of the NRM. Uganda police is Uganda police not NRM police. Why do they want to become so petty like this?” He asked.

Abel RMr Abel Ruganza, the Obongi DPC

He continued, “these things they are doing in Obongi are no longer ordered from above, it’s just order from below. The NRM team in Obongi sees that they cannot proceed with the hopes to win the election, they are now bringing in the police and other security agencies to participate in campaigns to try and change things for them”.

Fungaro wondered why they should be tear gassed even if they are on the wrong while the NRM peoples’ meetings are not interrupted however wrong they may be.

He said the district headquarters which the officials are enjoying now have become a hostile ground for him yet he is the one who initiated them.

Mr Richard Asindua, the DISO denied the accusation levelled against him. He however blamed Fungaro for staging discos and going beyond the required hours for campaign as set by the electoral commission.

He said Fungaro has been organizing youth to act in a disorganized way to win sympathy from the voters.

Similarly Dr George Bhoka said he is a law abiding person and his team understands the electoral, legal and regulatory frameworks. “We have a candidate who is a lawmaker, a leader but he leads by misleading”.

Abel Ruganaza when contacted said Fungaro should instead go and report him to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) if he has breached the law.

Dr Bhoka GDr George Bhoka is campaigning to unseat Kaps Hassan Fungaroo in Obongi.