PAKWACH. Police detectives in Pakwach district have launched investigations into circumstances under which an expectant mother at Pakwach health centre IV gave birth and the baby fell into a pit latrine at the facility.

The 20year old mother identified as Sharon Iwutung who health workers said died after words due to over bleeding and a resident Pacer in Panyango sub county allegedly sneaked out of the labour ward without the knowledge of her attendant.

The detectives who retrieved the body from the pit latrine at around 3pm on Monday later recorded statements from health workers at the facility and other eyewitnesses.

The detectives who declined to be mentioned because they are not officially allowed to speak on behalf of the police said the two bodies would only be released to the relatives for burial after autopsy has been done on them.

But according to Ms Alice Awekonimungu, the caretaker to the deceased, she disappeared from the maternity bed where she was admitted in the wee hours of the morning only to be found bleeding profusely and weak next to the latrine.

She said her state raised suspicion among other expectant mothers and attendants who immediately mounted a search for the baby only to see it deep inside the pit latrine which needed technical knowledge to retrieve it.

It was at this stage that police were alerted who rushed in to rescue the baby but she had already passed on.

"As the rest of the women were busy cleaning the ward, we were alerted of Sharon's unconsciousness in the latrine, we took her while she couldn't talk and visibly lacked blood, we waited from early morning up to 11am when the doctor could attend to her but it was too late", she narrated.

Her death sparked tumult from a section of the expectant mothers at the maternity ward who requested police and other human rights agencies to investigate the deaths.

Ms Hellen Atyero, an attendant to another patient said "This lady would have been helped on time but the doctor delayed to arrive from 6am up to around 11am, this was too much”, she said.

"The attendant partly has to help the police by telling the truth because she visited the lady in the latrine twice before the rest of us arrived, we suspect an act of conspiracy", she added.

Dr John Bosco Oryema, the medical doctor at Pakwach health centre IV said the deceased was over bled and lacked blood.

He said after admitting the deceased, she was assessed and the condition of her and her unborn baby were normal but her delivery time was not due.

He downplayed the claim that the mother's delivery time was due and there was no one to attend to her.

"It's not true that the baby fell in the latrine without her noticing, otherwise she should have alerted our attendants for immediate rescue", Oryema refuted.