PAKWACH. Business owners in Pakwach town council whose kiosks were forcefully removed from the centre of the town have threatened to sue the authorities for causing malicious damage to their merchandise.

But council authorities say enough prior notice was given to the kiosks owners before the actual evictions were effected.

The disgruntled kiosk owners claim they were forcefully evicted from the pieces of land that they settled on for over four years by the council authority without being accorded ample time to plan for their locations.

Angry kiosk owners now are in the process of engaging a lawyer to sue the town council so as to recover what they claim was lost during the process of eviction.

Ms Hellen Kemugisha, a kiosk owner said she lost properties worth Million of Shillings due to what she termed as "ambush" insisting that the loss would have been avoided if they were allocated enough time through formal notification.

She is not certain of how she will recover from the losses having acquired the capital through a loan from post bank to energise her business.

Another kiosk owner, Mr Hillary Thopacu said "the President is every time talking of promoting small scale business enterprises, how can the whole council destroy in a minute, what we have worked for long to attain like this”.

But Mr Alenyo Richard, the Pakwach town council planner dismissed the allegations labeled against the Council saying the discontented kiosk owners were served notices of eviction four months before the actual eviction was done

“Series of Meeting were held with both the kiosk owners in the presence of the district police commander and the officials from the Posta Uganda who informed them of plans of developing the land in question.
"They unanimously accepted to leave by the end of last month and all the minutes of the meeting are at our disposal with them signing and confirming attendance" Alenyo said.

The land in question belongs to Posta Uganda and the government agency has expressed interest to develop it. About 25 kiosks owners have been affected in the evictions.

Mr Benson Okumu, the Pakwach town council chairman accused a section of political leaders in the area against inciting the Kiosk owners insisting that they duly followed all the necessary procedures in effecting the eviction.