PAKWACH. Pakwach district Covid-19 task force has started distributing food relief to families of coronavirus suspects quarantined at Uganda College of commerce (UCC) Pakwach.

Each family received 10Kg of posho and 2kg of beans to support them while the 34 including the support staff are away.

The food relief is part of donations from well-wishers and the decision to distribute it comes at a time when the suspects complained bitterly about being well fed at the expense of their families which are starving.

According to Mr Charles Muswa, the deputy chief administrative officer Pakwach, the targeted family members were delivered food from door to door by the security forces.

"Following concerns from the suspects in quarantine, we decided to extend assistance to their families, as a matter of fact, most of them were bread winners and the process was totally transparent", Muswa confirmed.

He added that the food supplied was of good quality and the distribution will not affect feeding the quarantined as there is enough to take them through.

Mr Swaib Toko, the resident district commissioner (RDC) Pakwach also the chairperson coronavirus task force said they are documenting all the donations and will produce accountability to the National task force.

He said the food relief to the homesteads should help them supplement on the daily work to derive livelihood.

"We know there are many indeed of this food relief but we are saying this should help the members to add on their daily earnings, government cannot do everything, appreciate this small relief", Toko said.

During this holy month of Ramadan, he said there about 6 Moslems in the isolation that they are struggling to offer special meals and urged the public to generously donate to the course.

At Nyakatitha cell, Pakwach town council, Ms Agnes Aromborach, one of the recipients thanked the task force for the relief describing it "life saver".

"Life is hard with five children to feed has been a hurdle at times having a cup of porridge for a night, I thank the government for this gesture", Aromborach said.

Other partners have continued to extend assistance to the district both in cash and kind; infectious diseases institute (IDI) handed two of its cars fully fueled to help in transport while Plan international donated 1000 litres of fuel and detergents, Mr Fred Jachan Omach, former Jonam legislator also made his donations.

Maj Martha Asimwe, the Dean of Resident district commissioners in the office of the president on a tour to Pakwach district urged the task force to ensure proper accountability and transparency of all donations both from individuals and government.