PAKWACH. Pakwach district local government authorities have tasked the West Nile rural electrification company (Wenreco) through the government of Uganda to ensure electricity is extended to all the sub-counties in the district.

The leaders argued that the sub-counties rendered without cheap and adequate electricity supply deprive the poor community of sustaining the government development goal of self-reliance through industrialization.

Mr Robert Omito Steen, the Pakwach district chairman while meeting the state minister for energy with district leaders at Kapita over the weekend said sub-counties like Alwi which lie along the highway urgently need power in health centres to serve patients better.

He said Panyimur and Wadelai should be prioritized due to lucrative government ventures of fishing in Panyimur which have a possibility of establishment of a factory and a huge irrigation scheme that will consume the electricity in Wadlai.

Omito added that all should be done by empowering the community to access power for households and small-scale businesses to drive them out of poverty.

Mr Robert Omito 16 09 19Mr Robert Omito Steen (C), Mr Simon D'Ujanga (R) at Pakwach district headquarters. PHOTO BY GEOFREY ACHORA

Mr Jonathan Opar, the Secretary production, and Natural resources urged the minister to use his authority to expedite the process of rural electricity extension and lower cost of connection.

"Currently the twenty thousand shillings is expensive to most of the villagers to connect, let it be totally low so that it's affordable to all", he said.

He called for massive community dialogue on the dangers associated with electricity usage to avert possible dangers associated with it.

In response, Mr Simon D'ujanga the state minister for energy said the program of electrifying all the rural areas will be flagged off by the president soon and urged the community to use the available source to increase on their business sales as government seeks for completion and commission of mega Karuma power dam but cautioned against power vandalism.