PAKWACH. Security officials in Pakwach district have expressed concern over a threat caused by Congolese nationals who enter into the country without passing through designated border points for Ebola screening.

There has been an Ebola outbreak in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo with the nearest being in the Eastern border town of Ariwara, about 15km from the Uganda-Congo border at Odromacaku.

The Pakwach resident district commissioner (RDC) Mr Swaib Toko who is also the head of the security committee in the district said the threat posed is a serious one.

He said the most at risk affected areas are Dei and Panyimur as the fishmongers coming from Congo using boats arrive at Panyimur as early as 3 am in the morning when the checkpoints are still closed.

Toko said the security team is on a high alert to avert possible cases of Ebola outbreak and urged communities to liaise with security operatives and Ebola response team by reporting any suspected case of an outbreak.

The district security task force team is also working closely with village chairpersons at the landing sites by allocating specific time schedule for boats arriving from Congo though this has been affected by lack of personnel to constantly monitor and supervise the adherence.

Mr Benjamin Wanichan, the Pakwach district surveillance unit officer said though hand washing points have been placed at all public places in the area, locals still shun the practice.

"We have trained many stakeholders including the clergy to temporarily suspend greetings by the congregation during mass and resort to waving also desist from sitting too close", he said.