PAKWACH. The Jonam Development Foundation (JDF), a community-based organization in Pakwach district is in advanced stages of promoting and marketing valuable Jonam cultural heritage sites.

Officials said the move will help to create awareness and boost revenue for Jonam Kerkwaro (cultural institution) for effective management of its administrative affairs.

Mr Patrick Oloya, the chairperson of the foundation said the decision is stemmed from the recent Alur - Jonam cultural festival held in April this year.

The event was marked at the Uganda Museum with the aim of showcasing the Jonam tradition and culture through folk songs, dance, art and crafts.

According to Oloya, they have now finished documenting important Jonam historical sites with the help of the Jonam people in diaspora.

"We want to give value to our culture and as a result, we have written history which is to be hosted on a website to help learners get equipped with our culture and tradition," Oloya said.

He added that there is a plan to include historical sites like Wanglei where Labongo and Gipir separated near Pakwach Bridge, Amoropii hot spring in Wangkado in Panyimur and the solar Eclipse monument in Pokwero among others in the marketing strategy.

Mr Geoffrey Onegi-Obel, the Jonam Kerkwaro Prime Minister said they intend to also promote and create awareness about Jonam traditional dances like the Adungu, Konge, Arakaraka as well as marketing the Pacer craft works under the cultural heritage of Jonam.

Onegi-Obel, however, called for maximum co-operation from the local community if the drive is to succeed.

He also implored clan Chiefs to contribute generously in shaping the morals of the youths towards culture.

Onegi-Obel challenged locals to add value to their locally made products including the traditional grass thatched houses they occupy and the locally available Angara fish that has attracted so many tourists to Pakwach district.

Besides, he said JDF intends to establish a tourism centre in Pakwach town and use it for hosting routine annual cultural festivals.