PAKWACH. The Pakwach district chairperson has directed the ministry of water and environment through the district water department to start fresh works on Alwi dry water corridor after nearly two months of breakdown leaving thousands of residents without any alternative source of clean water.

Mr Robert Omito said the first phase of the project was shoddily done with water pumps already developing defects from the distribution centre, making water flow at low speed.

He added that the pipes that have developed cracks are not viable with the planned design.

"This intervention has been worsened by what I term as shoddy work. The district water department should ensure that the ministry comes and redo the work so that we can see the value for money," Omito said.

Omito added that he has already written to the ministry about the district’s dissatisfaction over the project that has resulted in constant failure in water supply in the area.

The chairman was speaking at the closure of the water sector planning and advocacy meeting at Pakwach town council on Thursday. The meeting was also attended by officials from the ministry of water and environment facility north.

Omito noted that most of the locals who paid the required Shs50, 000 as connection fee have now been left helpless due to the inefficiency of the water project.

Mr Robert Odia, the Alwi sub-county chairperson said the community is tentatively depending on Africa water solution, a civil society organization that has already carried out fixing in the villages of Theyao West and Pangieth.

He observed that the breakdown of Alwi dry water corridor has affected his people, especially in the health centre.

Odia expressed readiness to supervise and monitor the project since the law enables the community to demand quality-assured works as it is still under liability period.

Mr Isaac Bigobe, a technical support unit one officer, a unit mandated to oversee the operation of rural water supply said the ministry is aware of the defects that eventually led to the breakdown of Alwi dry water corridor.

"As a ministry, we are aware of your concern and it is the reason we have engaged umbrella north to fix it. I, therefore, urge the district to liaise with us as we look for amicable solutions to this project," Bigobe said.

The management of Alwi dry water corridor under Umbrella north is serving five sub-counties of Alwi, Panyango, Pakwach, Wadelai, and Panyimur with huge population deriving their source of clean and safe water from it.