PAKWACH. The Nutrifish project in conjunction with the National Agriculture research Organization (NARO) is working on a phased manner to extend the Nutri Fish campaign to the West Nile region.

The campaign is aimed at improving family nutrition through consumption of small fish species from Lake Albert region.

The Campaign targets fishermen and consumers of small fish species locally known as silverfish- Muziri and Ragogi to improve family nutrition in and eradicate malnutrition among pregnant women and children.

The campaign was launched on Thursday with a call on local leaders to embark on a serious mobilization to encourage locals to consume the fish to chase away malnutrition.

Ms Emilly Arayo, the Development communication officer NARO said the campaign is also aimed at marketing and dispelling the common notion that small fish is food for the poor.

“Our work now is to help to appreciate that this fish is of high value and is good for the health and wellbeing of one, when we eat it, we get all the nutrients which are good for our bodies”, she said.

Nutrifish is providing market linkages for the small fish and their products in powdery form both internationally and in the refugee camps through the world food program.

As part of encouraging and committing to the course in Lake Albert catchment areas of Panyimur and Dei in Pakwach and Wangseko and Ongwedo in Bulisa, Nutrifish is sensitizing the fishing community through usage of radios and provision of solar tent driers and empowering the fishery departments of the respective districts

Currently, a basinful of Silver fish commonly known as ‘Mukene’ in Pakwach district goes for shs 45000 but Nutrifish wants the fishermen to earn more. The team is also developing mechanisms of adding value through packaging of the fish products.

Mr Micheal Oloya, the Pakwach district senior fishery officer said the campaign will shape public mindset about the consumption of the small fishes and help to promote the region that has huge potential to the other world.

“As Pakwach district fishery department, we are ready to work closely and implement this course, the message today will help us have continuous engagements through feedbacks from the community “

“We are endowed with various small fish species that all need an intensified mindset about their consumption for many in this area think consuming such is for the poor. We are hopeful with this specified pilot schedule consumption of the Silver fish and its demand on market would go high” Oloya said.