PAKWACH. Pajobi primary school pupils in Pakwach town council, Pakwach district are studying under trees due to lack of classrooms.

Officials said the situation has affected the school’s target of producing excelling pupils in national primary leaving examinations (PLE).

Mr Paulino Avola Okot, the head teacher of the school expressed the concern following failed attempts to convince Pakwach district officials to come to the school’s aide by constructing new classroom blocks for the pupils.

“We have sent several reports about our situation to the district for action but with no tangible results. We later resorted to teaching our pupils under trees as four of our classroom roofs were blown down by wind two years ago,” Okot narrated.

He said lessons at times get disrupted during rainy days as pupils normally opt to run to neighbouring homes for shelter.

Ms Maurine Ayabotho, a teacher said as teachers, their syllabus coverage has equally been affected during rainy season.

She called upon government to consider rehabilitating the school by constructing new classroom blocks for teaching and learning to take place effectively so as to realize better results in the future.

Pajobi teachers

Mr Patrick Oloya, the chairperson Jonam development foundation (JDF) said it is absurd to hear of pupils learning under trees at this era yet government has the capacity to save children out of such conditions through universal primary education (UPE) grants.

He promised to engage the sons and daughters of the soil working within and outside Uganda to generously extend their helping hands to construct classrooms to enable the pupils of the school to concentrate on learning.

Pajobi school

But speaking on behalf of Pakwach district education officer (DEO), Mr Ciriako Opoti urged the pupils to persevere the situation as government looks forward to addressing the challenge.

He instead advised JDF to consider motivating teachers so that they can stick to their profession in all circumstances.

"When you give morale to these teachers they will deliver like never before," Ciriako said.

Pajobi primary school has an enrolment of 1,088 pupils of which 90 are in primary seven but studying under a tree.