PAKWACH. Pakwach district environment authorities and police have impounded and suspended the operations of three disco halls in Pakwach town council and Panyango Sub County for failure to comply with the set operation guidelines.

The launch to crack on the operators follows series of complaints from the community who accused them of noise pollution and allowing minors in their halls.

Patients admitted at Pakwach health centre IV said they spend sleepless nights due to uncontrolled sounds emitting from the disco halls located opposite the health facility.

Mr Frank Muzoora, the district police commander who ordered the operation said a decision was agreed to impound the noise making machines after registering complaints from the public of escalating rate of dropout and subsequent teenage pregnancies among minors.

He said two of the closed disco halls are in Pakwach town while the other is in Panyango Sub County.

According to Muzoora, police was overwhelmed by cases of child abuse and divorce due to the uncontrolled activities of the disco operators.

Police dismantling equipment

"Young mothers are leaving their breastfeeding babies alone at night to come here and dance with men who are not even feeding their families because of discos," he said.

Ms Jenifer Oweka, the district environment officer said after numerous inspections, most of the halls didn't meet the required standard of having sound proof that regulates the sound by not affecting the neighborhood adding that the level of hygiene in the halls was equally wanting.

"Most didn't have latrines for both sexes and that was dangerous health wise," Oweka said.

She explained that the move to impound and close the leisure hall disco in Kinju village, Panyango Sub County followed an outcry from the community who in writing, demanded for an immediate action after it was noted that pupils in uniform watch movies in the hall during class hours and the hall is in between a primary school and a health centre.

Mr Harris Kwonga, the proprietor of the disco dismissed the claim saying he has been maliciously accused by his competitors.

"Some of the pupils used to testify against me were hired by my haters" Kwonga stated though West Nile Web could not independently verify his claim.

Mr Robert Steen Omito, the district Chairman appealed to law enforcers not to be compromised in their operation and all errant operators be apprehended.