PAKWACH. Butchers in Pakwach town council, Pakwach district have deserted the only slaughterhouse in the area citing poor hygiene.

The abattoir, located in Nyakatita A village in Pakwach town council is said to be lacking a refrigerator for preserving meat, water sink and operating amid poor drainage system.

As a result, Mr Alfred Okwaimungu, one of the butcher men who used to operate in the abattoir said many of his colleagues have shunned slaughtering animals from the house.

"After inspecting animals, most of dealers descend to villages where they slaughter their animals from. Besides, others also want to avoid the charges paid for using the abattoir but give the excuse of the appalling condition of the abattoir," Okwaimungu said.

He noted that the unmanaged waste decomposing around the abattoir poses a potential health risk to workers, which they want to avoid.

The abattoir was a donation to Pakwach town council by Stanbic bank in 2014 as part of their social cooperate responsibility to improve the quality of meat slaughtered in the area.

Speaking to West Nile Web at her officer on Wednesday, Ms Judith Kigezi, the Pakwach town council health inspector said limited resources to employ human resource to maintain hygiene at the site is still a major hindrance.

Ms Judith Kigezi

She said the cost of slashing the compound is high particularly during the rainy season.

Kigezi said the construction plan of the abattoir is incomplete due to bad advice from the contractor who availed wrong plans to the council.

"There should have been a rail for hanging meat for inspection, septic tank for waste management and refrigerator for preserving meat which are all missing. The soft plan we have already developed with the help from the district planning and engineering department will have all that this time round," Kigezi asserted.

She cautioned that those defying slaughtering animals in the abattoir will be arrested and prosecuted as they are operating outside the law.

At least four animals are slaughtered daily at the abattoir which authorities say could go higher in number following the ever increasing population.