PAKWACH. Authorities of Pakwach district local government have rejected 29 cattle out of 108 from a contracted supplier over poor health and standard specification.

The cattle that were delivered at the district headquarters in Kapita on Monday generated heated debate among district officials over their sizes and state of malnourishment.

Across section of the beneficiaries vowed not to receive them saying they may not last more than a fortnight before they can die.

In a closed door meeting on Wednesday morning, the supplier and the officials from the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF), a program under which the animals were supplied resolved not to accept the heifers.

They issued a fourteen days ultimatum to the supplier to resupply high quality breeds if he wishes his contract not to be terminated.

But the supplier, Mr Joel Leku, blamed the mess on district officials for issuing him wrong orders of supply.

"They told me they want heifers ranging from 10- 16 Months but this morning they changed their decision that I should supply them ones from 18-24 months and this is a loss to me", he said.

Leku said he gets the animals from Soroti district as in the locality they are scarce and extremely expensive.

Mr Charles Muswa, the district NUSAF desk officer when contacted after the meeting declined to comment on the matter saying the action portrays bad image to public about government programs intended to alleviate poverty.

According to a source who spoke to West Nile Web on conditions of anonymity said each heifer was procured at 720,000 Ugandan shillings.

The NUSAF Program is implemented in 32 Villages with 160 self-help groups who are categorized by their roles and managed by village livelihood management committees.

The district chairman Mr Robert Omito lauded the decision by the NUSAF technical team.

"Those are kids not even calves, it's timely and they aren't worth the stated amount, it’s good that they have been rejected, there must be value for money" he said.