PAKWACH. Fishermen and fishmongers at the thirteen main landing sites in Pakwach town council have expressed fear over looming outbreak of diseases if authorities don’t take urgent action to sink latrines.

The residents argue that despite the town council authorities collecting various forms of taxes from them, no justification has been made to them as to why they should continue paying the dues when they don’t receive the basic services.

At Jabedowiyelwet, one of the largest landing sites in Pakwach town council, the fishermen are frustrated with continuous failure by town council authorities to have a latrine in place and other related sanitary facilities yet they tendered out the landing site and collect daily revenue from the traders.
Mr Edmond Ongwech, a tenderer at the landing site said lack of strong latrine at the site poses a great health risk considering that majority of the fishermen ease themselves in the river while the buyers use the nearby thickets.

He said after failed attempt to have a latrine constructed, he has made a makeshift toilet made of wattle, reeds and grass hatch which erodes during rainy season.

Ms Magrate Amia, a fishmonger at the site described the situation as "embarrassing" considering the fact that women have to scramble with men for the usage of the same facility.

"The other day, guests came here and when we directed them where to go for a call, they feared because the area was bushy and looked dirty" she recalled.

Ms Judith Kigezi, the health inspector Pakwach town council acknowledged that the situation puts lives of the entire district at risk due several purposes the water offers to the locals.

She said a budget will be earmarked to solve the emergency situation but for the mean time advised the community to boil water before drinking to avert the possible outbreak of waterborne diseases.

Ms Jessica Draru, the acting district health officer Pakwach however said the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) has prohibited any further development along the River banks saying they need to be consulted before embarking on any construction on the landing sites.