PAKWACH. The chairman management committee of Pakwach health centre IV has described as scandalous, the absence of electricity and oxygen in the main theatre of the facility.

The health centre is currently acting as the main hospital of the district though it has not yet been elevated by the health ministry.

Mr George Odongkara said the absence of the two main essential requirements had impacted negatively on the general operations of the theatre.

He was speaking at a function over the weekend at the hospital to receive a newly renovated theatre at the health facility by the Infectious Disease Institute (IDI).

“The lack of oxygen cylinder in the theatre is an epidemic that needs an urgent intervention” Odongkara said.

An oxygen concentrator can help prevent infection by means of a filter system. Breathing filtered air carries less risk than breathing the natural air around you. Since immune systems tend to suffer following a surgery, filtered air from an oxygen machine is an unquestionable benefit.

Odongkara also revealed that health centre medics had had to use torches not recommended for theatres to carry out operations at night due to lack of electricity in the theatre while those which they would have carried out in the night had to be deferred or referred to either Angal or Nebbi hospitals, a thing he said put lives at risk.

An Art Center in Panyigoro, Pakwach Sub County to enable Aids patients access service was also officially handed over to district authorities during the same function after its construction by IDI.

Mr Johnson Ruhinda, the district lead program officer for IDI said the plan to revamp the operation theatre was part of their requests to the health Center officials after it's state was found not conducive to carry out comprehensive HIV services like Safe Male Circumcision (SMS).

He advised the district health authorities to lobby other development partners to solve the power crisis at the health facility since IDI funding does not support paying for utilities.