PAKWACH. Pakwach health centre IV in Pakwach district has run out of diabetes testing kits.

According to health officials, the district is overwhelmed by people suffering from sugar diabetes but most of them are finding it hard to treat the ailment due to lack of glucose metre machines used to detect and ascertain the sugar level in the blood.

Mr Jeremy Oromcamu, the in charge of the health facility said they have been using one glucose metre machine which is not sufficient enough to handle the growing number of diabetic cases.

As a result, he said their effort to adequately tackle the disease has been frustrated as the only machine is used on over 20 people in a day.

Oromcamu made the remarks while receiving a new glucose metre machine donated to the health unit by Ms Jane Avur Pacutho, the Pakwach woman Member of Parliament on Monday.

Oromcamu noted that the new machine will help to boost their operations as many patients will now start to easily access diabetes services at no cost.

He instead advised members of the public to mind of their lifestyle by doing regular exercise and carrying out body checks-ups to minimise the risk of becoming diabetic.

Mr Richard Odongo, the district laboratory focal person said the rate at which people are developing diabetes in Pakwach district is increasingly worrying.

He directed that with the coming of the new machine, earlier sh5000 charges per test should be dropped with immediate effect.

Mr Kaleb Ocirchan, a resident of Pakwach town council who has lived with diabetes for the last seven years appealed to government to consider recruiting more medical workers to handle the increasing number of diabetic patients at Pakwach health centre IV.

While emphasizing the need to have a healthy and productive community, Msa Avur urged people to give priority to their health through regular check-ups.

“We need to have a healthy and productive community but that only comes if we feed well and on top, know our health status through regular check-ups,” Avur advised.

She however cautioned health workers at Pakwach health centre IV against charging diabetic patients for sugar level tests arguing that the act denies them the opportunity to access free medical services.