PAKWACH. Health workers in Pakwach district have expressed frustration over persistent poor working conditions in health facilities.

While meeting the district health department officials on Wednesday at Pakwach town council hall, a section of midwives said delivering mothers in dark and filthy maternity wards and at times lack water for washing hands after safe delivery remains a challenge to them.

According to Ms. Betty Amia, a midwife at Alwi health centre III, they operate in a dilapidate maternity ward and it's also used for admitting patients of both sexes.

"The attitude of the community is alarming, they become rude to us after attending to over five mothers in a day, they don’t understand what we are going through yet we are also understaffed", she said.

The health workers also complained of the big number of patients seeking health services from a few workers who also don’t reside near due to lack of accommodation.

Mr. Jimmy Oryema, the in-charge of Panyimur health centre III said lack of accommodation for the health staff has affected service delivery as attending to emergencies is affected.

"The catchment area of Panyimur is large, besides there are few good houses for the workers to stay in order to help in referrals in case they arise", he said.

He said such unfavorable working conditions have equally affected the Patients at most government health centres as they opt for private clinics.

The health workers said they have resorted to using few trained Village Health Teams (VHT) to fill the gaps of understaffing.

They appealed to the district to prioritize recruiting more health workers and expeditiously post them to such needy areas.

Mr. Robert Ayella, the in-charge of Pakia health centre II in Panyango Sub County said the staff is grappling with low latrine coverage as the community shares the available pit latrines with the health unit’s staff.

He implored the government to consider the plight of the workers before they contract diseases.

However, Dr. Paul Ajal, the Pakwach District Health Officer advised the health workers to use the available human resources as the district seeks funds to recruit more workers.

He confirmed that the district in partnership with UNICEF, is in advanced stages of recruiting and posting two medical doctors to scale down cases of referrals.