PAKWACH. The Pakwach district woman Member of Parliament (MP) has called for punitive measures against people spreading hate speech ahead of 2021 general elections.

Ms Jane Pacutho Avur said the rate at which false propaganda is being spread by a section of political aspirants is on increase with majority engaging on personal attacks than sticking to their personal manifestos.

"Some people are already moving around spreading bad messages against individuals and their action is dividing people even before the election time. Please let us condemn such messages", Avur appealed.

She also maintained that some people are using the internal bickering within the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party to cause confusion and hatred among the members of the community.

"Some people within the party don't even want to see us with other party officials and once they do so, they start claiming that you have already defected", Avur stressed.

The legislator was on Sunday speaking to residents of Panyimur while delivering her 2020 community resolutions where she informed the fishing community about the progress of Parliament to halt the activities of the Uganda people's Defence forces on the lakes.

Mr Ronald Opar, a resident of Wangkawa said with political tension flaring, aspirants should embark on unifying the electorates to foster service delivery.

He suggested that heavy fines should be levied on offenders and later be rendered incompetent to represent people.

Panyimur is the most densely populated area in Jonam Constituency with every politician combing the area ahead of 2021 general elections.

Mr Moses Otim, the Pakwach district electoral registrar warned political aspirants against early campaigns, insisting that at the moment, the law only permits consultative meetings without spreading hate speech.

He said in an event of defamation, the offended can seek redress from the courts of law after reporting to police with concrete evidence.

"Cases of personal attacks are beyond our jurisdiction. Let those with alleged cases of defamation report to police with recorded voices but whoever is campaigning now, it's illegal," he warned.