PAKWACH. National Resistance Movement (NRM) party members in Pakwach district have called for a thorough screening of its members believed to be spying and serving the interest of other parties.

In a heated party meeting at Pakwach town council hall on Thursday, the district party organs comprising of the Village women league, youth league and the entire party executive members accused a section of their colleagues of serving interests of other opposition parties other than where they belong.

Members said the party in the district has been heavily infiltrated by people who don’t wish well for the ruling party.

Mr Moses Abdul, one of the party members suggested that those intending to contest on the party ticket be summoned before the district top members to test their worthiness.

"A Party is like a religion, a Muslim can't dessert a mosque and go to pray with a Catholic in a church, you either belong to NRM or opposition", he asserted.

He pointed out that absorption of defectors and subsequently inserting their names into the party registers is a major disease affecting the success of the party in the district.

He observed that a section of the party members have adopted an attitude of only voting President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for Presidency and vote for other opposing members of other parties due to individual difference.

Ms Jane Berochan, a member of district women league faults the failure to organize re-conciliatory meetings between the aggrieved members within the party in time as the major obstacle.

She alleged that some members are being funded to disorganize the internal democracy of the party.

"Some opposition members are fronting and financially backing candidates to disorganise and eliminate us from the scenes, let us wake up and identify such members before they bite us", She said.

Mr Robert Okumu, the Pakwach district NRM Party chairman said interventions ranging from lobbying for political appointment to vibrant and competent members were on his cards.

"We have only four months to address all those divisions and suspicion among us, I'm confident that no opposition will succeed in 2021 general elections", Okumu assured the members.

He added that they are mooting plans to traverse all the parishes in order to strengthen grass root support and warned the party members against fueling propaganda that will scare others from joining.

The infighting within the party led to the forum for democratic change (FDC’s) Emmanuel Ongiertho to defeat the then NRM’s Jachan Omach during the 2016 parliamentary elections for Jonam County.