PAKWACH. The former Accountant of Panyango sub-county in Pakwach district has been given 24-hours to appear and answer audit queries regarding alleged misappropriation of funds and loss of vouchers.

Referring to the district internal audit report, the Pakwach district Public Accounts Committee (PAC) while sitting at the district headquarters on Wednesday observed that Ms Mark Wanican effected payments of which vouchers and books of accounts for the period from January to June 2018 went missing.

Still, in the same internal audit report, it was alleged that Wanican paid an excess of shs8.2million to Electrical experts and Engineering works for the construction of two VIP latrines at Ajini landing sites.

The contract was awarded at shs6.5m each, both amounting to shs13m but records indicate that Wanican paid the contractor shs21.2m, leaving a questionable overpayment of shs8.2m.

According to Mr Justine Birombo, the PAC chairperson, Wanican who is currently working as an Internal Auditor at Nebbi Municipal Council was earlier summoned to appear before the committee but she deliberately refused to show up.

As a result, Birombo said the committee has now been compelled to summon her through the office of Pakwach Chief Administrative Officer to come and explain herself lest they will be forced to arrest her.

"We presented the document long enough for her to be here and she has been putting our calls on hold but now, we are going to force her here through the CAO," he said.

Similarly, this reporter attempted to reach Ms Wanican on her known telephone number but she couldn’t speak to him even after receiving the numerous calls.

During the same sitting, the committee also implicated the sub-county chief at the time, Mr Simon Adriko for signing the cheque without thorough verification.

Adriko on his side quickly admitted noticing the discrepancy in the payment on the day of appearing before the committee.

"I'm just noticing that an excess of shs8.2m was made today, for I signed the cheque hurriedly as I was rushing for a meeting. I think it will be better if Wanican comes here to sort this out," he said.

The committee members are also demanding the bank statements of the sub-county to ascertain the exact amount of funds lost especially during the period of the missing vouchers.