PAKWACH. The Pakwach Resident District Commissioner has with immediate effect stopped the activities of a section of fake pastors and prophets for accusing them of confusing and instigating conflicts among the community.

Mr Swaib Toko said the decision was reached during the district security meeting following reports of community conflicts arising from the false prophecy from the unrecognized pastors that have sprung up peddling lies against members of the community and spreading false propaganda against government programs.

Toko said the false prophecy has left mainly the elderly, widows and orphans marginalized with their houses torched in the act of mob justice and their land grabbed on allegations that they practice witchcraft and outcasts to the community in the presence of the area village Chairpersons.

"It has come to our notice that community conflicts are perpetuated by fake pastors who hold prayers for money at night and their targets are mainly widows and elders incited against by the Community. As head of security in the district, we have resolved to ban all fake pastors in Pakwach as we investigate the damages meted by their action", Toko said.

The RDC urged the desperate community members to be careful and wise while advocating and propagating for their needs like employment, boost in business and favour cautioning that there are many "false prophets" who have their own agenda and are simply using the community as stepping stones .

Toko warned the village Chairpersons against chasing such vulnerable people out of their residences without following the due processes of the court citing an instance in Panyango where a 70 years old widow was chased after a self-proclaimed spiritual healer proposed that he is responsible for the death of all prominent village members.

He added that they are also investigating claims that a section of HIV/ AIDS patients have denounced health services after being duped that the pastors can heal them from the scourge and that accessing medical services is demonic. Toko said it's only God who heals through prayers.

The security team is also scrutinizing reports of alleged entry of some pastors from Democratic republic of Congo through the porous borders of Dei and Panyimur without authorization documents.

Toko asked the police for a comprehensive report on pastors in Pakwach allegedly involved in fraudulent activities .The security personnel is worried that if not timely checked, the fake pastors will cause heinous crimes like mob justices and impregnate teenagers.

Mr Stephen Okellowange, a pastor in Amor Cell said the district security team should screen all faith-based organizations in order to root out the wrong one.

He argued that banning all of them will infringe on the right to worship as enshrined in the constitution of Uganda.

"I'm in total support but I call on the team of the resident district commissioner to vet all those involved otherwise God uses anyone to perform his duty", he asserted.

In 2015, Gospel operation of Africa (GOA), a faith-based organization embarked on offering opportunities to hundreds of pastors in Pakwach to advance their spiritual knowledge through theology to stem such vice.

Mr Ivan Lakisa, the coordinator said plans are underway to build capacity of more and added that such allegations taints the image of most of the pastors.

In Uganda, Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Muslims, seventh day Adventists and some Pentecostal churches are recognised theological institutions.