PAKWACH. The Pakwach resident district commissioner (RDC) has advised youths to desist from unnecessary expenditure.

Mr Swaib Toko made the appeal with emphasis on the funds generated from the Northern Uganda social action fund (NUSAF) program.

This was during the commissioning of Mubogo A fish cage project at Mubogo landing site in Pakwach town council on Thursday.

Toko noted that most government funded youth projects have been failing due to reckless spending by the youths.

"Don't use the money after the sale of the fish to drink alcohol and marry more women because government is trying to elevate young population out of poverty. Managing poor people is the hardest thing as they are always stressed," Toko said.

He added that majority of the crimes committed by youths are as a result of poverty which should be addressed through hard work.

"This program is not political but be able to maintain the skills acquired to earn a living for your own household income," Toko stressed.

Mr Charles Muswa, the Pakwach district NUSAF desk officer observed that the Mubogo A fish cage project received a total sum of Shs190 million and its estimated that after the sale of the fish, a profit of shs440 million will be realized.

Muswa said the group is expected to pay back the initial money which will then revolve to other groups. He also cautioned the group against misappropriating the money.

"Be careful with post- harvest handling and you shouldn't be exploited with prices. Have a coherent bargaining power so that you can get the best," Muswa advised.

He said the district had already got market for the fish in refugee camps in the region through aid agencies.