PAKWACH. The residents of Nyakadholi village, Panyango sub-county in Pakwach district have asked national water and sewerage corporation (NWSC) Pakwach branch to step up water supply in the area.

The community accused NWSC of inconsistent water supply and high billing at the end of the month.

According to Mr Peter Ocakacon Akin, the Nyakadholi village chairperson, his people have so far gone for five days without water.

"We are soon resorting to our old ways of fetching water especially from the river though this comes with the risk of contracting water borne diseases, we don’t mind because NWSC is not doing enough in supplying us with water the way we expected," Ocakacon said.

He said people have abandoned their jerrycans at public stand pipes where they purchase each jerrican of water at shs100 in discontent.

Ocakacon added that locals hardly collect three jerricans of water from the piped source due to the scarcity.

Ms Evaline Akumu, one of the residents said the persistent water shortage is affecting domestic activities.

"Water comes like four times in a month and as a result, we are forced to fetch far away even if we have just come from field work very tired. This is really affecting other domestic activities and that is why, we are requesting NWSC to improve on their services in our area," she said

Akumu noted that the water crisis they are experiencing doesn't translate to government’s program of providing cheap clean and safe water to the grassroots.

However, Mr Pelle Olandu, the NWSC branch manager Pakwach blamed the problem on the different pumping intervals at Wangkawa and Pacer which he said has affected water supply in Panyango sub-county.

"We are currently working on the problem with the team on the ground," he said.

Olanda said they are committed to serving the community with quality cheap water so as to fulfil their mandate of providing clean and safe water for all.