PAKWACH. Concerned residents in Pakwach district are demanding for quick intervention at the notorious spot along Panyimur - Parombo road that has claimed lives of people in nasty road carnages.

This comes on the heels of the accident that left18 traders dead and many others still nursing injuries in different health facilities in the region.

The spot in question is located 2km from Panyimur trading centre.

According to Mr Charles Obindi, the Panyimur Kwonga traditional Chief, the "Vuru Nubi" that literally translates to (the ash of the Moslems) has been a dangerous spot where a group of Moslems lost their lives while on their way from Eid celebrations in 1970.

As a result, he tasked government to designate a signpost to mark it as a ‘danger area’ for the road users as a means of taking precaution.

Besides signposts, Obindi believes that tarmacking the road and empowering road users on road safety should be emphasized as a mitigation measure.

"We can't sit by and see people shed blood on that spot. As leaders, we should seek quick solutions. We intend to organize annual prayers for those who perished at that spot," he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Richard Oryeda, the former district councilor for Panyimur said plans were underway to revamp the state of the sharp corner at Vuru Nubi that the current leadership should expedite by submitting an emergency budget to cater for the disaster.

He also warned the communities which have settled close to the spot insisting that government should forcefully remove them before catastrophe strikes again.

Mr. Shaban Ofoi, the Panyimur sub-county chairperson expressed concern about the rate of accidents at the spot but cautioned the community members against vandalizing road signs once placed at such dangerous road spots, saying those caught will be penalized heavily to deter the would-be offenders.

Mr Donisiano Opwonya the Pakwach district traffic officer said the usage of the road signs will not solely avert the rate of accidents unless the drivers also avoid other bad road behaviors like driving vehicles in bad mechanical conditions that lead to brake failures and eventually veering off the road.