PAKWACH. A section of teachers in Pakwach district are dividing their time between gambling centres and classrooms in an effort to increase their incomes.

The trend, has however not spared the youths and a section of other civil servants in the district who are seen gambling either on their phones or in casinos while others send friends to the betting centres to place their stakes.

As a result, a section of leaders are now calling for a review of the lottery act in order to address the vice which would regulate when the betting centres would open.

Mr Paul Opige, the Pakwach district Education officer said he was aware about the vice but he had on several occasions sent warnings to the concerned teachers to desist from it as it affects learning.

"Some teachers go even up to the extent of betting in classrooms on their smart phones instead of planning their work schemes which most of them don't have" Opige observed.

He also warned that if they don't refrain by the act despite the persistent warnings, they may face disciplinary measures which may include suspensions and dismissal.

Opige said some pupils had copied the act from the teachers which is now destructing them instead of concentrating on their studies.

The traditional chief of Puvungu Kaal, His Majesty Rwoth Odong Mandir III said the act has generated immortality among family with men shunning their household's responsibility entirely to women and children while they go gambling.

"It is a shame to see men waking up early to go and roam at the verandas along the road during this rainy season talking about I hear Arsenal", he wondered.

He called for stringent measures to be imposed on both the operators and the gamblers such as restricting minors from accessing such premises and arresting offenders as a deterrent measure to the rest.

Mr Benson Ongeywa, an addicted gambler said he has lost huge sum of money in gambling after dropping out of school five years ago.

He said he resorted to gambling as an employment since he is unskilled adding that taking him and many of his colleagues to vocational institutions would help them a great deal.

Pakwach town council has six gambling centre but more are set to come in as branding of some buildings are being done in preparation.