PAKWACH. Pakwach town council authorities are set to demolish structures built illegally without the authorization of the physical planning committee of the authority.

One of the affected buildings is said to belong to Mr Geofrey Opio, a.k.a Twongweno, a prominent Luo singer whose building is located next to the Uganda railway line adjacent to Uganda Revenue authority offices in Pakwach town.

Officials say his building was raised without the approval of the town council planning authorities.

Mr Benson Okumu, the Pakwach town council chairman said the land in contention was degazzated by the council as a lorry park whose usage cannot be altered.

But Okumu accused the Pakwach town council planners of duping the singer by approving his construction plan.

"They are technical personnel with adequate knowledge but for the most time, they have been dodging executive meetings to explain the mess", the seemingly furious chairperson fumed.

He revealed that the executive decision has been reached with the legal consultation from Donge & Sons advocate demolished the erected wall on ground that it lacks the authenticity of a stamp from the office of the town clerk describing it as an illegal structure sitting on council land.

Mr Richard Alenyo, the Pakwach town council planner disagreed with the executive decision to demolished the wall insisting that it will drag the council in a huge legal cost as the council lacks approved plan by the government to back its claim.

Alenyo said cases of illegal structures are on the rise in the town as potential developers are purchasing lands in areas designed for road opening.

He said a lack of an approved plan is likely to hinder the plans of urban development of Pakwach that need urgent attention, a decision refuted by the chairman.

"We have a provisional plan issued by land survey and mapping from Entebbe in 1995 the process is enough to back us", Okumu retorted.

When contacted on phone, Opio said he bought the land from one identified as Sisto Opio, a resident of the town council in 2015 with the aim of constructing a hotel but the brawl has affected the progress of his work.

He said the move to demolish his structure which under construction is politically motivated as several peaceful resolutions with the town council authority has been fruitless.