PAKWACH. Authorities at Pakwach town council are set to introduce a new fine to punish offenders who frustrate the council’s effort to keep the town clean.

Officials and some town council residents are not happy despite warning posts and media campaigns to encourage residents and travelers to dump rubbish in designated places, the vice has continued.

Ms Judith Kigezi, the Pakwach town council health inspector said the move will help to deter many hotel dealers, bar owners, travelers and public institutions who are the greatest generators of garbage to watch their actions.

She said their efforts to have a free garbage town have been hampered by negative attitudes of people who throw plastic bottles and polythene bags commonly known as "Buveeras" along roads and public places.

“Heavy fines ranging from Shs 50,000 to 200,000 will be paid by those caught urinating and defecating along the corridors of buildings in the urban centres while those who dump garbage in ungazeted places will be arrested and prosecuted,” Kigezi warned.

She further warned hotel owners along the highway against dumping and pouring waste food materials in the corridors and road side observing that they pose dangerous health risk to the populace during rainy season.

She admitted that the council is grappling with management of ever increasing volume of garbage due to high population in the urban centre and the breakdown of the only lorry truck for ferrying waste materials to the dumping site.