PAKWACH. The newly Commissioned Panyimur -Wangseko ferry by the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) is expected to boost tourism industry and create market for traders in Pakwach district and the entire Albertine region, Pakwach district chairman has said.

Mr Robert Steen Omito said delays in travel time along the 22km distance had always hindered most tourists both locally and foreign to easily reach some historical sites in Pakwach and other parts of West Nile.

The district chairman was meeting a delegation from UNRA led by its executive director Ms Allen Kagina on Tuesday.

"The delay in travel had limited the district to raise revenue for the region and many of our youths would be tapped into some of would be Opportunity "he said.

He said Uganda stands to rip big from the ferry operations especially from the Congolese traders passing via Panyimur and Dei where they import most of their goods from Uganda.

Steen Robert Omito and Allen Kagina

"We expect with the Exploration of Oil especially in Our neighboring district of Bulisa, our local community must be engaged as the transport system in the water is now Solved, let them grow Vegetables and other necessities that the investors may be looking for" he advised.

Kagina revealed that the shs8.1billion ferry will reduce the travel time from 4 to 3 hours between Panyimur and Wantseko landing sites. The routs will also increase from the initial two to four times daily, a thing she said would boost trade.

Kagina said the next mission will be the tarmacking of Pakwach-Wadelai road, a presidential pledge to the people of Pakwach which is still in the process of being included in the national plan.