PAKWACH. Parents who violate children's rights against the compulsory government programme of immunization risk facing the wrath of the law, this is according to Pakwach resident resident commissioner (RDC) Mr Swaib Toko.

Toko was speaking at a preparatory meeting with district measles and Rubella campaign task force on Tuesday at the district headquarters.

He warned a section of parents and other religious sects against sabotaging the program.

He argued that the denial of measles and Rubella vaccination to a child amounts to "murder".

"Imagine a mother carrying a baby in the womb for nine months only to die after ten years above due to immunisable diseases, this is uncalled for", he said.

He tasked the district education office to mobilise and sensitise pupils in various schools during school assemblies on the danger of measles and Rubella for a mindset change.

He said Pakwach district is ready to support the government agenda of having free Uganda against immunisable diseases adding that soon, a consignment of vaccines procured by UNICEF with financial support from GAVI to support more than 18million children aged 9months to 14 years against measle and Rubella will reach the district.

The advocacy and mobilization task force were also urged to integrate religious leaders to work closely with the health teams with the RDC cautioning some religious sects against shunning the campaign due to their beliefs saying he will arrest them.

Mr Benjamin Wanican, the surveillance focal person said the district is ready for the vaccination as Village Health Teams (VHTs) are capacitated to handle the gap of manpower.

Pakwach district is set for the measle and Rubella immunisation between 16 and 18 of October in all the villages and public places.

Measles is highly contagious. The virus can be contracted by someone up to two hours after an infected person has left a room. It spreads through the air and infects the respiratory tract, potentially killing malnourished children or babies too young to be vaccinated

Rubella is an infection caused by a virus and is particularly dangerous for adolescents and pregnant women. When a woman is infected with the rubella virus early in pregnancy, she has a 90% chance of passing the virus to her unborn child.

62 districts are currently experiencing a Measles outbreak while 25 have been affected by Rubella. Globally, over 400 children die every day due to measles and about 280 babies are born every day with congenital rubella syndrome (CRS).