PAKWACH. Police officers of Pakwach district have teamed up with Boda Boda riders to fight the rampant cases of motorcycle theft in.

The decision comes at the time when over 20 motorcycles got lost in the hands of Boda Boda riders in the last two months.

The motorcyclists under their umbrella body, Pakwach Boda Boda Association said the thieves normally hire their motorcycles on self-ride but end up not returning to their parking stages.

Speaking during an interface meeting with police in Pakwach town on Monday, Mr Boniface Opilo, the association chairperson partly blamed the problem on his fellow motorcyclists whom he accused of entrusting strangers with their motorcycles even at night.

He noted that criminals have infiltrated the association with the aim of stealing motorcycles.

Opilo said time has come for Boda Boda operators to work together with police to curb the increasing cases of motorcycle theft in the district.

Mr Frank Muzoora, the Pakwach district police commander said police is willing to work with Boda Boda riders to arrest the situation.

He asked the cyclists to timely share information that will help police to follow up cases of stolen motorcycles for appropriate action.

“Trust police with information required so that we can help one another but don't indulge in acts of mob justice in an event somebody is suspected to have stolen a motorcycle,” Muzoora warned.

He noted that it has become hard for police to intercept stolen motorcycles since the thugs dodge check points only to escape through panya routes.

Muzoora said plans are now underway to carryout community sensitization on the need for members of the public to join hands in the fight against the vice.

Meanwhile Mr Donasiano Opwonya, the Pakwach officer in charge of traffic urged Boda Boda riders to consider valuing life more than money by following traffic rules while on the road.

He also advised the riders to insure their motorcycles against eventualities like fire and theft.