PAKWACH. Traffic police in Pakwach district have impounded 31 vehicles and 18 motorcycles in an effort to combat reckless driving and road carnage.

The operation that started by 6:30am followed the spate of recent road accidents which police has attributed to reckless driving and driving without permits.

Mr Donasiano Opwonya, the traffic officer who led the operation said the it was aimed at motorists riding without helmets and drivers with vehicles in bad mechanical conditions as well as cracking on those with accrued financial traffic charges.

He noted that out of the impounded vehicles were government owned and buses travelling to Kampala in terrible Mechanical Conditions "we are not sparing anyone, we are here to protect life " he said.

He said the crackdown was started in Pakwach because of its strategic location and similar exercise will be soon extended to avert road accidents. He cited boda boda cyclists as the worst traffic offenders with most lacking permits and not respecting traffic rules.

Opwonya said those arrested will be produced before court to face charges so that it can deter the would be traffic offenders.

After hours of detention at the police headquarters, most got their luck upon paying fines attached to their offences.

He advised the public to be vigilant and report drivers who over speed in vehicle which are in bad state.