PAKWACH. Police in Pakwach district on Thursday joined other wellwishers in vigorous campaign to keep Pakwach town Clean. The aim is to clean stained police image.

Mr Dominic Owinjiru, the community Liaison Officer Pakwach police station said the move is aimed at building the ailing image of the force before the public.

"People think the police is an institution for abusing the rights of people which is wrong, this is to clear that image and perception" he said.

The officers took to brooms and various cleaning equipment as they swept various parts of the town council.

Ms Harriet Amia, the district health inspector Pakwach said such cooperation from the police force is friendly adding that peace can't be attained without good health.

She said numerous interventions such as door to door garbage collection initiated by the council failed to yield results as residents continue to heap garbage. She said poor upbringing of some residents was to blame for some of the bad habits.

"People still deliberately liter" kavera" (polythen bags) everywhere and such poor attitude must be dealt with" she warned.

She urged the locals to watch one another in order to keep their environment clean. 

Mr Morris Muswa, the deputy town Clerk Pakwach town Council said the council has annually been spending close to 5 million Ugandan shillings in garbage and Waste management but was disappointed with poor attitudes of residents of not being responsible.

The town council now plans to build a recycling centre to manage the increasing waste in the town.

The force was also joined by official from Pakwach town Council, an area ravaged by garbage and members of the public.

Ms Jenifer Oweka, the district Environment officer cautioned those who burn harmful toxic waste products saying they were bad for both humans and animals if inhaled.