PAKWACH. Police and medical workers at Pakwach health centre IV are stranded with a corpse of an unidentified man lynched on suspicion that he was planning to steal a Bodaboda motorcycle.

Police say that they were informed about somebody lying in a pool of blood at Atara near Alwi Sub County by night bus travelers.

Mr Abel Ruganza, the Officer in Charge of Pakwach police station said police rushed to the scene only to find a lifeless body lying in a pool of blood surrounded by scartered stones and sticks suggesting he might have been lynched by a mob.

He said the deceased was rushed to Pakwach health centre IV in critical condition and died shortly after arrival, no identification documents were found on the body of the deceased which has further complicated matters.

Though the body is still lying at the health centre, police say they will hand over the body for burial to the town council authorities if no one comes to claim it.

Ruganza said investigations have been launched into the suspected murder.

Police said they are liaising with neighborhood station of the unclaimed corpse and said after 24 hrs of wait the will be compelled to hand over the body to town council for burial.

Mr Boni Opilo, the chairman Pakwach Boda Boda Association said he was not surprised about the suspected mob action since 11 motorcycles had been stolen from his members in the last two weeks.

“These thieves come politely requesting to ride themselves, and when you give them, they go for good, we are aware that some are also among us but we shall deal with them” Opilo said.

Though he condemned the mob action, he said the owners might have been acting in self defense since taking suspects to police is also not an option as suspects are often released without being taken to court.

Records at Pakwach police station indicate that in the past three months, mob action cases have been increasing with highest being recorded in Pokwero parish, Wadelai Sub County and followed closely by Pakwach town council and Panyango.

The regional police spokesperson for West Nile region Ms Josephine Angucia recently said the reason for some of the cases not to proceed for prosecution was due to lack of follow ups by complainants who fail to give enough evidence but warned that the suspects of mob action, if arrested, would be prosecuted.