PAKWACH. The Pakwach district education department has reshuffled more than 50 primary school teachers over poor performance.

The affected teachers came to light after most of their candidates reportedly failed their subjects during the 2018 primary leaving examinations (PLE).

As a result, about 54 teachers were transferred as a strategy to improve on the academic performance in public primary schools.

Mr Paul Opige, the Pakwach district education officer (DEO) confirmed the development to West Nile Web and said some of the transfers were on request from the teachers themselves and head teachers who wanted to try elsewhere after failing to perform to their expectation in their former schools.

He said 16 head teachers and 38 teachers were affected by the massive transfer.

But Opige called for calm among the affected teachers, saying it was a normal practice in the ministry to ensure equitable distribution of teachers.

Opige said the district is still grappling with high pupil to teacher ratio.

"Much as the guidelines direct that each school should at least have a minimum of eight teachers, some of the schools have as low as four teachers thus creating a big gap in the education sector," he said.

He warned those intending to defy the transfer especially to hard-to-reach areas that their names risk being deleted from the payroll.

Mr Ciriako Opoti, the head teachers Omach primary school implored the decision describing it as being "timely."

He advised the district to expeditiously consider filling the existing vacuum in the education sector which he said is mainly caused by the death and retirement of some teachers.

The district education department is to strengthen measures including paying close supervision to poor performing schools such as Alwi sub-county that had majority failures in the 2018 PLE.

The district education officer applauded teachers for hard work and commitment that saw the district realize slight improvement in last year's PLE performance.
Pakwach district got 30 pupils in grade one out of 621 registered pupils.