PAKWACH; Residents of Marama village in Panyimur Sub County, Pakwach district have expressed concern over the deplorable state of road network in their area.

The Residents explained that they are counting losses in transporting their merchandise due to exorbitant transport fares.

The most affected is the 7 kilometers stretch that connects Marama trading center to Alwi Sub County that has been in the same poor state for more than 2 years without any repair work on it. The road in question floods especially during rainy season making it almost impassable.

The dilapidated road work under the jurisdiction of Pakwach district local government has cut off Kavutu Rwoth Bridge bordering Alwi and Panyimur subcounty with the community members claiming that the poor road network in the area has already claimed lives of three people injuring scores.

They say produce trucks and boda boda riders are forced to load half of their capacity so that they can maneuver through the rough roads.

Ms Mary Akullo, a resident of Alwi and agricultural produce dealer stressed that most customers have shunned the nearby markets forcing produce dealers to incur higher transportation costs.

“People in the area are struggling to reach health facilities and we spend time carrying our farm produce on the head and almost all the boda boda cyclists are fearing to risk, we want government to intervene”, Akullo said.

The sub county chairman for Panyimur Mr Justine Omirambe said the sub county is aware of the worrying state of the road insisting that it has drastically affected the revenue base of Panyimur that predominantly depends on transportation of fish products and other form of inter-trade.

He said the council of Panyimur has resolved to dialogue with Pakwach district local government to consider expediting work on the road.

“We have taken photos and attached to our resolutions and forwarded to the authorities of Pakwach district local government to earmark special fund for the work on this road. With increased rain drop, the state is getting worse each day that passes by”, Omirambe told West Web.

The road Act gives authority and duty to district administration to repair and maintain most of the panyas in the district and other dirt roads declared responsibility of the government.

However, Mr Robert Omito Steen, the Pakwach district chairman expressed fear that maintaining and repairing the bridge in question needs huge sum of money which the district is unable to take up but called for patience as they continue to lobby for funds from their partners in development and engaging central government through prioritization of funds.

“Maintaining that road and bridge is too expensive and may take Pakwach district local government up to five years, my humble appeal is let the affected community abide with us as we engage government for a long-term solution”, Omito said.

Mr Avola Ocakacon, the Pakwach district Engineer narrated that many of the roads have been affected by vagaries of weather and budget cut from the central government.

He urged the sub county leaders to allocate special budget to fuel graders that the district is ready to offer as it waits for funds from central government.