PAKWACH. The Pakwach resident district commissioner directed the office of District police commander to stop the movement of trucks carrying cattle entering the West Nile region at night with immediate effect.

Mr Swaib Toko said there is apparent laxity by a section of police personnel at Pakwach checkpoint to scrutinize particularly at night allowing cattle without authentic documents.

He said some heavy night sealed trucks purporting to be carrying other goods are responsible for harbouring criminals and stolen animals.

Toko cited an instance where a heavy truck recently from Zeu in Zombo district was intercepted at Pakwach police checkpoint with minors fully sealed as goods destined for sugar cutting in Kakira following a tip off by the concern community in Zeu after the village chairperson was eluded to sign authorisation letter to the fake company to have the minors transported and work in plantation.

He said the action was contrary to the Ugandan laws of child labour and trafficking.

"We have a lead that some cattle are in one of the sub-county here in Pakwach, the way they found themselves there I want an explanation as soon as possible from the police officers on duty that night", he demanded.

He accused the errant officers on the duty on the fateful day of connivance and wants them to be investigated and punished.

His concern also stems from the wake of a frequent outcry from the community about the alleged return of the Balalo pastoralists whom president Yoweri Museveni directed that they leave the region in 2018.

This follows complains from locals about the destruction of crops by their animals and land encroachment by the pastoralists.

The RDC also directed the police to crack down on the big trucks ferrying charcoal on the alleged authority of the powerful people in the country, a move that has led to massive depletion of forest species in the region.

"I have reports that there are big powerful people behind some of the illicit trades taking place at the police checkpoint, but I want to assure you that I have been appointed by the general and will never be intimidated on this course", he said.

The RDC was speaking at Kalalo Cottages during the farewell party for the longest serving Officer in Charge (O.C) Ruganza Abel who was transferred on promotion to Obongi district as the District Police Commander.

Two police officers who spoke to West Nile Web on the conditions of anonymity said they work on delegated power from the superiors who communicate to them on phones.

"Let the RDC know that we the junior officers have less power, whenever we try resisting, we are called direct from Kampala and our commanders here instruct us on the same order", one of the officers said.

Mr Frank Muzoora, the Pakwach district police commander promised to investigate the alleged cases of a conspiracy by the officers and the owners of the cattle that illegally entered the district and ascertain their locations to ease evidence gathering.