PAKWACH. The Pakwinyo community in Wadelai Sub County have expressed dissatisfaction with the services accorded to patients at Pacora health center II established by the World Vision under the Protestant bureau.

Ms Nestor Ovuru, an elderly woman said not only do the locals want health services improved; they also want the management to be handed over to the community.

“As community members, we gave land for the health centre construction and provided building materials like bricks and sand as well as local labour,” she said.
Ms Ovuru argued that with full management of the health center they will institute a strong committee to oversee the progress of activities at the health center and organise annual general meetings.

She was speaking at a meeting last week convened by Ms Jessica Draru, the acting district health officer following a petition lodged to her office by the community members.
During the heated meeting, the locals accused the health center management of failure to provide essential services like immunisation adding that they are at times over charged in order to access drugs.

Mr Richard Ochan, the Wadelai Sub County chairperson confirmed that the community has for long been giving their grievances to his office and demanding for government takeover of Pacora health centre in order to improve the services.
But Rev Estom Oparkrwoth who oversees the management of the health center under the Protestant bureau dismissed the community demands as being driven by greed.

He said they are ready to dialogue with the people and promised to report to the Anglican bishop of Nebbi Diocese, Rt. Rev. Alphonse Wathokudi to assuage the people.
While addressing the aggrieved locals, Ms Draru cautioned that such tensions can scare potential investors who could wish to revamp the state of the health center.

She said she would write a report about the status of Pacora health centre and hand it to the district council for further decision making.
It is not the first time that the community are in Wrangle with the Protestant bureau over the management of Pacora health centre after World Vision transferred management responsibility to the protestant bureau.

A flare up of dispute in 2010 ended in impasse as the then Nebbi district leadership failed to take bridge a compromise.