PAKWACH. The Jonam Community in the diaspora has been urged to invest in a housing estate in Wadelai sub-county to solve accommodation shortage for workers undertaking the construction of multibillion irrigation scheme in Pakwach district.

This comes on the heels of an influx of workers in Wadelai rushing in from other districts in the quest for quality shelter after securing jobs at the irrigation site.

According to Mr Ben Owing, the councillor representing Wadelai sub-county, the district is losing big volumes of revenue that the locals would have benefited from should there have been decent accommodation and social amenities for the workers.

He said the locals lack the capacity to construct the houses hence the need for the sons and daughters to do the needful.

He revealed that inadequate facilities has forced some of the workers to move as far as Gulu and Arua to search for the descend houses.

"We are blessed with almost all the building materials here in Wadelai but it's rare for our sons and daughters to invest home, this should be an eye-opener”, he said.

Speaking on Thursday during a site visit in Wadelai, Ms Santina Ozelle, the female councillor for the area noted that the limited accommodation is a general challenge that stakeholders should consider engaging the community to lease land for government and eligible firms to tackle the predicaments.

She said such cordial arrangement would spur development and increase household income to the local population.

Mr Daniel Ovuru, an elder and owner of a vast land near Ayabu where the irrigation scheme is situated said the government is squarely responsible for the delay.

"People were not properly sensitized on such benefits out of this huge project, otherwise something would have been done", he said. He said some natives still live in fear due to the uncertainty of the future.

He advised the government to work with financial institutions to offer soft loans to the potential members willing to urgently construct to meet the demands.

Currently, as part of activities at the sites in Ayabu, few houses are under construction for offices and accommodation for the contractors with some locals offering unskilled labour.

The Shs 54 billion Wadelai irrigation project commenced early this year and is employing over 1000 workers. The two-year project is expected to end early next year.